“No Excuses” Customers expectations are met promises are kept
 “No Excuses” Customers are entitled to competitive pricing at all times
“No Excuses” Customer invoicing is correct and accurate every time
“No Excuses” We listen to our customers concerns and follow up with answers
“No Excuses” Work/Jobs starts on time and ends on time
“No Excuses” Only OEM or higher quality replacement parts are used
“No Excuses” Work place is “Disney World Clean”
“No Excuses” We hire & maintain only highly trained and talented staff
“No Excuses” For substandard work

We at Dakota Truck are committed to the above business practices at all times.  All of our employees and suppliers agree to these standards.  If ever there are any discrepancies, we will work on correcting the situation immediately.
“No Excuses”
Operating Standards